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We are absolutely delighted to welcome Chemmy Alcott as Stratiam's new brand ambassador! 

As a 4X Winter Olympian, once ranking at 8th in the World, a 7X British National Overall Champion and the only British female skier to ever win a run in a World Cup, Chemmy Alcott is widely regarded as one of Britain’s greatest ever skiers.

Chemmy is an inspiration to all, having broken 49 bones in her life including her neck aged 11. She is no stranger to adversity and remains committed to inspiring the next generation and educating people from all over the world through sport.

Why this is so exciting for Stratiam:

Chemmy is extremely bright, enthusiastic and knows how to take a highly pragmatic approach to achieve exceptional results. She recognises that maintaining an ‘A’ game on the slopes requires rapid understanding of data from multiple sources.

Alpine skiing is the fastest non-motorised sport, and to compete in this field athletes need to understand huge swathes of data. This includes anything from anthropometric data such as VO2-peak, blood lactate levels, heart rate, sleep, diet, nutrition etc…and environmental data, such as weather, wind-speed, snow conditions, snow-melt point and so on… And of course multiple variables around the equipment’s performance data and impact on the athelete (e.g. air resistance, weight and so on…).  The skier’s data list is huge and its mastery will give you an edge.

You don’t have to be a skier to work here - but it helps:

A design philosophy behind Stratiam is to find the most elegant ways to distill data from multiple sources, into ingeniously simple data-views, that end-users can quickly act upon. We truly believe that when this is done correctly then it makes it easier for our end-users to maintain their ‘A’ game over any datasets they are looking to optimise performance over.

As it happens, there are also several keen skiers at Intergence.  We might not be any good at the sport, but it is still extremely inspirational to have Chemmy Alcott as our brand ambassador, both from the parallels with our own Stratiam product development philosophies, and data demands, but also as a highly regarded sportsperson to inspire us next time we fly down a hill on planks of wood. 


Further down the hill:

We’ll be working with Chemmy over the coming months on a series of blog posts related to skiing, data and performance optimisation. We’ll go off-piste with some of Chemmy’s real-world data and build these into Stratiam-esque charts and data-visualisations. We will also be hosting a webinar with Chemmy, where we will explore the importance of data in elite sport, and demonstrate how this can be used in Stratiam using real data that we have collected from Chemmy’s performance in a state of the art wind tunnel. So continue to watch this space for more updates!

Outside of being Stratiam’s brand ambassador, Chemmy presents BBC Ski Sunday, runs Ski Race Camps and is a mother to two young boys. Her personal website is:

More info: