Stratiam is an operational intelligence platform that can be configured specifically for your organisation's requirements. You might have a range of different sub-organisations, departments, clients or sub-groups you work with. All containing a range of end-users requiring different access permissions. For which we believe we've thought of every possible scenario, and have designed our platform accordingly to suit your tailored needs. Once you've completed your configurations then you can start adding dashboards to your account. 

Adding Organisations

After we've set you up on Stratiam a good first port of call is to start customising your organisation-level views. This could be where you change the organisation logo we've assigned to you. Crucially it is also where you set up the parent system for any sub organisation that fall under your management. This could include departments, sub-departments and any clients you work with/for.

Stratiam Adding Organisations

Adding Users

Users belong to an organisation, so once your orgs and sub-organisations are all set up you can begin to populate these with users. Users can have data access at an organisation-level only or they can also be given permissions at the child-organisation level. Within an organisation they can also have access permissions set at a data source level, so there is a high-level of customisation possible.

Stratiam Add Users

Create API Connections

Connections allow you to use our pre-built API connectors to hook up to your data-sources via APIs. These APIs have been thoroughly tested and configuration usually reqires little more than you submitting your API keys. If you use the connectors to join to an existing DB environment or project that you own (e.g. GCP), then there is no need for any of your data to reside in 3rd-party storage.

Stratiam Create Connections

Set Triggers

Triggers define the schedule in which your connections will run and populate your tables with raw data. By default these will run inline with the data-refresh schedule of their raw source. But there might be reasons why you'd want to set a different schedule here.

Stratiam Create Connections

Customise Menus

The Stratiam menu entries customisation options allow you to define the layout of your menu container options, as per the left-menu bar. Here you essentially set where any pre-defined dashboards will appear, but you can also group these under common section headers and customise the fields/icons for which these will be named under.

Stratiam Create Connections